Monday, April 10, 2006

Counting Down the Days

I'm stealing Joel's recent blog post title since I, too am counting the days until I leave my current job. Training for the new restaurant started last week and it's great. I am learning so much about Indian food, geography, culture. This week we concentrate on spices and start on wines. It's like an intensive course on Indian cuisine and I'm a natural student. They gave us a pop quiz last week and I got every question right, although I blew the two extra credit ones. As a reward, those of us who did particularly well on the quiz got Reese's peanut butter Easter eggs.

I am so ready to leave my current job. I recently discovered some information that leads me to believe it was going to be difficult to move from the hostess job to a server position, or at least it would have been farther in the future than I thought. This information, in addition to some interpersonal dynamics I'm increasingly aware of, make it a VERY good idea for me to just get out and move on. The End is four days away. I am ready for a VERY Good Friday.

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