Saturday, April 01, 2006

I Quit!

Modigli quit. Joel quit. And I quit.

I quit!

I recently interviewed at a soon-to-open restaurant that felt like such a good fit, I suspected my job search was over. Well, on Sunday I got a call and they offered me the job! I accepted and Wednesday I went to the first employee meeting/training.

I'm excited about this. I love the space, the decor, the colors. I like the concept, the description, the philosophy. And my future co-workers seem really cool. Sitting there in the paint-smelling store with buckets and brushes lying around and finding out about uniforms and opening schedules felt like getting ready for a show that's about to open. I love getting ready for a show. I'm also excited about reducing my commute to 30 minutes instead of an hour.

I've decided to be more discreet about where I work, so I'm not publishing the details of my new job (if you really want to know, email me). But the owners expect the restaurant to be open some time in the second half of April, so I've given The Grillroom my two-week notice. I quit! I can finally be honest about how little I want to be there, and everyone has to understand why I don't want to work really, really hard to become a decent hostess because I'M LEAVING. I don't belong in that restaurant, I'm tired of dealing with downtown crowds, I hate being a hostess and suck at it anyway and I want to be a server again.

I'll be out of The Grillroom by Easter and my last day will be Good Friday. In my calendar I've already edited it to read "VERY Good Friday."

Joel, does it seem to you like the next two weeks will last for months?

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