Wednesday, May 10, 2006


My new restaurant still isn't open and it isn't looking too good for it happening any time soon. Temp work is very unsteady. I haven't been fully employed since Nick and Tony's went out of business at the end of December. What the hell is this bad luck?? From Bar Louie to the Grillroom, from bad to worse, trying, trying, trying to find THAT JOB where I can happily work full-time, where I can happily just settle in for a good oh, YEAR or two -- is that too much to ask?

I suck! My employment life sucks! F#$%!

Initiate jobsearch. AGAIN. My boyfriend says I should just go for an office job since this restaurant thing is obviously just not working for me but I don't want to work in an office. This is my Mr. Restaurant boyfriend, telling me to just go for the office job. Why should he have all the fun?

I JUST WANT TO BE A WAITRESS. That is such a humble dream, such a low-level ambition. To be a waitress for f#$%'s sake. Why can't I do it???????

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