Thursday, May 11, 2006

job offers

I'm back on the (RESTAURANT) job search and as usual I interview like a dream and my resume is excellent and people want to hire me. Getting the job is never the problem. Making a decent decision about which job to take is the problem. If my last three job decisions have sucked dog penis (four decisions, if I count Nick and Tony's), how do I trust myself to make a good decision this time?

It's kind of like the years I spent dating: guys loved me and wanted to be my boyfriend, but I failed over and over and over again to pick the right one and manage to fall in love. I suck at life in general.

Would someone like to be in charge of my life and pick my next job? Wait, I can't trust myself to pick the right person to be in charge of my life either...

p.s. I've reduced my daily calorie goal by 10% because dammit, I will move this weight. Sorry this blog has temporarily degenerated into whining and calorie-counting. Even my wonderful new boyfriend wanted to throw me out the window earlier tonight. I hate spring, especially this month. Always have.

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