Thursday, May 18, 2006

The right direction

Okay, in the past several days my bathroom scale has reluctantly conveyed that I have lost almost four pounds since the beginning of the month, although the big scale at the gym says it's been two pounds. So I'll call it three pounds and I'll take it! Losing three pounds in two weeks isn't bad. Please notice, it took a solid two weeks of dieting (calories reduced by 29%) and exercising (1-2 hours every day) before the scale registered any change in weight. For some horrible reason, at the start of a diet my body doesn't show gradual change gradually. It shows NOTHING for days and days and days and then all of a sudden it drops a couple of pounds. It makes the beginning of any weightloss effort horribly frustrating, but it's why my fat-under-siege plan has steps 7 and 8: don't give up!

There is also some very positive movement on the job front. I've been called for several interviews and will have more news soon. My life is finally moving in a positive direction on all fronts. FINALLY, MY LIFE MIGHT BE ON THE BRINK OF NOT SUCKING.

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