Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another Day, Another Menu

Today - third day of training. On second day, big allergy pill took care of hayfever symptoms, but then cold symptoms became obvious and continued to f$%* up my ability to taste. Chinese restaurant chicken soup did pretty good job of knocking out those symptoms, and today was my first day of being able to pretty much taste and smell everything. F#$%! It shouldn't be that hard to f$%*-ing taste and smell when tasting and smelling is part of your new job!

Tasting up to 18 Chinese dishes a day, and up to six cocktails/ beers/sakes a day has definitely put a stop to my weightloss. I've done my best to take small portions of each dish and small sips of each drink, but when there are SO many dishes and so many of the foods are deep fried and have sweet and oily sauces, and the trainer is policing us to make everyone tries every single thing (because it's our job!), it's impossible to keep the calorie count down. I don't even like alcohol, so it's particularly frustrating to have to blow calories on sipping cocktails, liquors, wines and beers that I'm not even enjoying and can barely remember later. But I have to. There are four days of this, plus one day of wine training on Monday.

Training sessions last from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Each day we also have homework to make sure we learn all the ingredients in everything we tasted. This homework takes 1 - 3 hours a night. Since my commute time is one hour each way, I've hardly had any time for exercise.

But damn it, I am NOT letting this be the end of my fitness. I'll be at the gym tonight, no matter how long the homework takes. Besides that, all I can hope is to get back to my weightloss habits over the weekend (I'm off Saturday and Sunday, thank GOD) and then resume them next week when I start working regular shifts.

I like the people and I think I'll like working there, but right now I'm overwhemed by the huge amount of information I'm being held responsible for. On Tuesday I'll take the big FINAL exam on all food, drink, procedures, alcohol, everything.

Sick. Of. Memorizing. Menus. This is the fifth one I've memorized in the past 10 months! Please let it be the last.

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