Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy 40 to me

Thank you all for your birthday greetings. I sort of felt down about this one. It's the first birthday I've felt that way about. I guess I'm not immune to the so-this-is-40 blues. But I had a great time going out for dessert with friends tonight and Bob even made an appearance and now I can go to bed feeling much better. Yesterday Bob took me on a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan and that was great, too. And I do have hope that the 40's will be good for me because they better be! I think I'll remember my 30's as the decade of the increasingly desperate manhunt and the decade during which I went on anti-depressants, OH yeah...

I remember being in college and imagining 45 as the ideal age. I looked forward to it. My reasoning was that by 45 I'd have enough of my life figured out that things wouldn't be quite as painful as in earlier years. I'm still hoping for that. As a woman in her 40's I just feel like I carry more life weight. Life weight is good because it keeps you from being blown away, pushed around and knocked off balance. At least it helps. At least it better.

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