Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Reluctant Apathy

(wow, when even apathy is reluctant...)

Mick, otherwise known as White Rose Boy, is vacationing in Chicago right now and I promised him I'd play an open mic while he's here. So for those of you in Chicago, it's an increasingly rare chance to see me onstage:

9:00 p.m. (hopefully I'll be on before 10:30)
Red Line Tap Bar
7006 N. Glenwood Avenue, Chicago

I haven't performed since January and I'm feeling very much NOT like a musician anymore. Why the great apathy towards my music? It was so important to me for so long. I used to do regular gigs, I recorded stuff, I practiced, I wrote new songs. It all mattered so much.

Now nuthin'. Was it all just a response to my loneliness and lack of a man, and now that I have a man the music can just go down the toilet? Maybe. It's the only thing I can figure. Oh, and I'm going to be 40 years old in 19 days.

I wish I still liked music. At least then I could call myself a musician. Without that, there's nothing I can call myself. A breather?

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