Thursday, July 06, 2006


Here's a question for those of you who are dwelling in the same living space with the person you're in an intimate relationship with (married couples, unmarried couples, etc):

HOW do you handle spending so much time with each other? Seriously, how do you do it?

I can only handle so much time with my boyfriend (of six months) before I need to be alone again. At the moment even talking on the phone every day seems like too much contact to me.

I don't understand how couples who live together can stand each other. I realize this might distinguish me from everyone else on the planet. Maybe my bafflement with this lifestlye indicates that I'll never be capable of marriage or anything approximating it (which would be consistent with how badly I suck at relationships). And so my question stands: how do couples who live in the same living space not hate each other at least half the time?

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