Thursday, July 13, 2006


Had a great night at work last night. My second dinner shift. My personal sales were over $1,100. I made over $180 in tips, tipped out $68 total to all the bussers, bartenders and foodrunners and should have come home with a good wad of money, over $100.

But at the end of the night when I counted my pile of twenties and ones, it all added up to $51.

Fifty-one dollars? I'm walking out of the restaurant after a night like THAT with $51? I was the last one to leave at 11:30pm and I went over all my paperwork and cash with the manager. He couldn't figure it out either. I had gone through every plastic check presenter in the restaurant. There was no extra cash in any of them.

I lost over $60 in cash. Just gone. I tipped out $68 and I got to keep $51. What the hell is the point?

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