Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fwd: FW: Be careful: New robbery method (must read for ladies)

By the way, do you know how to check if an email sent to you is true? In the past few days I've received forwarded emails about a Muslim "Christmas" stamp, a robbery method that leaves women naked in bathroom stalls, and which leading cosmetics companies have lead in their lipsticks. There are many websites you can check, but I went here:

and typed key words into the "Search" field (like "robbery women bathroom"). I got a screen full of urban legends, found the one I was looking for and read the background and truthfulness of it. I was eventually able to confirm that all of these forwarded emails were crap. There really is a stamp commemorating a Muslim holiday, but it's not a "Christmas" stamp and was never marketed as such. There are no robbers leaving women naked in bathroom stalls with an "Out of Order" sign on the door. Et cetera.

Just letting you know about this very convenient website that can keep you from looking like an idiot to your online friends (at least it'll keep you from looking like an idiot for this reason).

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