Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I just have to say another word about Fatty McBlog. There is so much prejudice about overweight people, especially those who fit the description "morbidly obese." I know I have some of that prejudice, too, however much I wish I could be free of it. But her post of Sunday the 17th really struck me. I know what it's like to be on an airplane and see a large person getting on and hope they don't sit next to me. I've felt the annoyance of the righteous. But her post presents the humiliation of being that large person. People like me tend to assume that really huge people are selfish and uncaring of those around them, but Fatty McBlog exposes how wrong those assumptions are.

McBlog describes how hard she works to not inconvenience her flightmates. Can you imagine being a very self-conscious person who hates being the center of attention and having to walk into a small space where every single person will be looking at you with dread and disgust? Can you imagine the ache of sitting for several hours with your thighs squeezed tight and your shoulder muscles hunched and contracted? Can you imagine having an ongoing problem that you are doing your absolute best to handle, struggling every day and using the full extent of your resources, but still having to face the humiliation of people staring at you as if you're just a selfish, pathetic person?

From reading Fatty McBlog, I have much more sympathy for people who struggle with obvious weight issues (as opposed to those of us who struggle with "unobvious" weight issues, like whining over losing four pounds). I think her (their) blog is amazing (two women actually write it).

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