Monday, October 30, 2006

And now a short break...

Sorry, I hate to interrupt the flow of my ghost story, but consider this a commerical break or something. I need advice on this one. Help!

My boyfriend and I have sleep problems. He snores horribly and has an appointment to see if he has sleep apnea, but that still leaves the following:

1) he also has restless legs syndrome which sometimes keeps us awake

2) and he tends to toss and turn when he's really exhausted, which keeps us awake

3) and he has a tendency to wake up each hour in the night and might or might not fall asleep again, which keeps us awake

4) and now he's trying to convince me that he's just a naturally "short sleeper" and is happy and normal sleeping from about 9:00PM to 3 or 4:00AM and those are just his sleep hours. I'm having a hard time believing that because he seems so tired all the time.

But even if he really is a "short sleeper" that means our sleep habits are totally incompatible. He wakes up around 3 or 4 am, gets up and is opening and closing doors and I'm losing sleep because I can't fall back to sleep and then we're BOTH up for the day at, like, 4:30 am. and then I'm exhausted all day. And that's only IF I managed to sleep at all with his snoring and/or tossing around.

I'm tired of getting robbed of sleep each time he spends the night. I tried to suggest we stop sleeping together until all these problems are under control (even though that could take months), but he thinks that will irreparably damage our relationship.

I don't know what to do! Should we both start taking a sleeping prescription to sleep through the night? I'll take any and all suggestions at this point.

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