Monday, December 04, 2006

(Sometimes)Technology Sucks

So the solution to my iPod problem is to install the latest operation system. The latest operating system is Mac OS X 10.3.9 and it costs $150. That is the only way I'll be able to use my $150 iPod with my PowerBook G4 Apple laptop.

I tried to find a friend with the original disks I could borrow, but Apple doesn't let more than one person use a set of disks (the owner has to immediately register online and then no one else can install with those disks).

Do I want to spend another $150 in order to use the $150 iPod I already couldn't afford? No, F#$% it. I'm returning the iPod Nano today. Does anyone have an old iPod from 2003 they want to sell? My laptop can support that. If not, I'm getting another CD player.


In the meantime, I no longer like blogging because I upgraded to Blogger Beta and it's HORRIBLE. I can't post or edit posts in my usual browser and when I use my old Internet Explorer browser, the buttons don't show up.

This sucks!
Posting isn't supposed to be this hard!

But I can't switch back and there isn't even any way to communicate with the staff to ask for help or complain. Blogging just sucks for me these days and I guess it just will until blogger.beta is improved enough to be compatible with Apple programs and that will probably happen never.
Maybe it's time to kill this blog and start a new one on a different website. Right?


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