Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Over the past month, I've worked through my fear of living with another person, my sadness at leaving my home of ten years, a little nausea and a lot of cupcakes (people wonder where I put all the weight I gain from my stress-response-cake-binge-ing. The secret: each time I put on five pounds from devouring an entire cake, I lose it again before I eat another one).

But I've finally worked through to being excited about moving in with the man I love. In fact, now I can't wait until Sunday. That's the day my friends will help us move my furniture and boxes over and scrub THIS place down so I can get my security deposit back (over $500 so I definitely want it back). Good-bye, Spinster Pad!

One possible effect that moving in with this man will have on my blog: maybe with his computer (a PC) blogging will be easy again. Oh, I hope...

P.S. Alberto Gonzales is an incompetent idiot. Why George W. Bush even gets out of bed in the morning anymore is beyond me.

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