Sunday, May 20, 2007


Ahhhh, chocolate. I started with a plateful of miniature pastries (everything was miniature):

- a cake-like confection that had a layer of chocolate mousse, a layer of strawberry mousse and a very soft chocolate cake,
- an almost-cheesecake with a vanilla-banana flavor (not everything was chocolate),
- a tiny cup of rich chocolate mousse (oh this was the stuff)
- a green tea custard in a cookie crust, and
- a white chocolate-dipped shortbread cookie with milk chocolate chips in it.

My second plate contained:

- the best dark chocolate-covered chewy caramel I've ever tasted (it was salty!)
- a cup of hot white chocolate
- a chocolate-shaving-topped little yellow cake that reminded me of a madeleine cookie
- a chocoate biscotti
- a mini-martini glass with a dollop of delicious lemon, like the best part of a slice of lemon meringue pie. It was my favorite of all!

My third and fourth plates contained some of the above, with a few things added:
- a dark chocolate-covered dried apricot
- a dark chocolate-coated lollipop-looking thing, filled with dark chocolate ganache
- a white chocolate coated pretzel
- a diminutive creme brulee

And I didn't even get to the white and dark chocolate-covered strawberries, the vanilla-honey marshmallows, the little flan or the macademia-nut brittle. I did take my camera, but while it worked fine at home, the damn thing declared its batteries dead when I took it out at the hotel. So I have no photos. Sorry!

Oh, yeah...chocolate buffet at the Peninsula Hotel...

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