Friday, June 15, 2007

Yay, June is halfway over!

In the summer I often hear people say things like, "I can't believe it's the end of June already" or "Where did July go?" or "How did it get to be August?" They complain that summers go by too quickly.

For me summers don't go by quickly enough. I'm ready for October right now. I have dreams that it's November from which I wake up disappointed. Yes, I live in Chicago and this means I like cold weather better than hot weather. I just hate this time of year. For me, June means the beginning of wicked allergy symptoms and sun rashes. It's an itchy, uncomfortable time for me that I have to just ride out until my hayfever symptoms subside later in the summer.

Of course, later in the summer is when the mosquitoes come out in force. I used to be allergic to those too, so the second half of summer was even worse than the first. I'm very grateful to have outgrown the mosquito allergy, but I haven't outgrown my hatred of late, bug-infested, pollen-exhausted, sticky, sunburned, over-air-conditioned, eye-straining, deadly hot summer. I moved to Chicago for the winters, but got a bonus with how short the summers tend to be.

I. Don't. Like. Summer.

So I'm VERY glad to look at the calendar and see that June is already halfway over! What a nice, short month June is. How encouragingy it zips along, halfway out the door before you even have time to plan a barbecue. Good-bye, June! Keep moving right along. And take July and August with you.

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