Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I was just over at Mr. Underhill's blog, When you're burning in hell, I'll ask Jesus if I can send ya some koolaid, and he tells a story that includes some bizarre blogstalking. I've heard of bloggers getting stalked (receiving emails, having the weirdo monitor your comments on others' blogs, etc.) by someone who became completely obsessed, even to the point of the blogger having to delete their blog to break the connection. I'm grateful this has never happened to me. It's actually kind of odd to me that it hasn't, since I include my photo, full name and city on my homepage. Maybe the stalkers pass me by because I've made it too easy?

Also during my depressed, lonely, manless years, I dated about five million guys, all of whom I told about my blog. I'm lucky none of them has given me more attention than I wanted. What luck that I'm much more obsessed with myself than anyone else.

(Can you tell from all these posts that I have some extra time and energy these days? Clearly there's a correlation between how unhappy I am and how much I blog. When I'm totally happy, you rarely hear from me.)

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