Thursday, July 12, 2007

this explains the bubble popping image

I finally told my boss at the restaurant that I lost my other job and am available for more shifts (for now). It's very weird to explain to your boss that another boss fired you and you can't even say why, especially when she (the restaurant general manager) considers you one of her top servers. She just looked shocked and confused. I felt bad all over again.

But I'm okay and now that I've recovered my confidence from my bad Bubbles Academy experience (There! I wrote it! That's the place that treated me in such a suspicious way! Bubbles Academy, Bubbles Academy in Lincoln Park, Chicago!), it's time to decide what kind of job I'm looking for. Another position similar to that one: being a teacher of music to young children and/or babies? A similar but different kind of music job? Do I want to teach at all?

The ideal, of course, is to get paid for doing the thing I love doing the most: singing. The baby music teacher job did that, but in addition to singing I also had to do a lot of other stuff. A lot. How could I get paid to sing without so many other plates to keep spinning in the air? (rhetorical question, not really looking for an answer)

By the way, is it still possible to look me up and download my songs on and (real question, looking for responses.) I set up pages and uploaded songs on those websites years ago, but I don't know if they're still accessible and available. I remember I had trouble getting onto them with my browser.

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