Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Help me name my website

In 2006 when I stopped performing my original songs and stopped writing songs and stopped playing bass and singing at all, I seriously questioned whether or not I was "really" a musician and thought maybe it was a phase I had gone through -- in my teens and 20's and 30's -- and I decided to let it go. I had a website I had carefully built with info about me, songs you could hear and lyrics, and when my domain name, "reginarodriguez.com" came up for renewal, I said to hell with it. And I didn't renew it.

Well, in a great surprise to me, it turns out I want to make music again and I'm practicing and writing songs and getting ready to do some more recording. And now I'd like to get that website back up again, but of course "reginarodriguez.com" has been taken and I have to come up with a new address. Any suggestions? I'm brainstorming here:


I don't even know if these are available. Anyone have other ideas?

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