Monday, October 01, 2007


TAXI report:

I have submitted six songs to for consideration as background music for tv shows/film/commercials or as a song that could be recorded by another artist. They have been returned with the note that these songs were not what they were looking for. One of TAXI's many benefits to the musicians it serves is that most submissions receive constructive criticism, whether or not they are forwarded to music directors or record companies for consideration. TAXI's critics, with years of experience in the music industry as A & R executives, musicians and directors, generously give feedback on what is good about our songs and what can use improvement. This is an invaluable service and critical to process of making our songs better and more usable.

Most of the criticism I've received has been pretty positive as far as the songwriting and arrangement go, but the biggest weaknesses right now seem to be that my songs sound like children's songs or folk songs and the other weakness is the vocals. I'm beginning to suspect that most of my recordings sound more like folk music than anything else because I love Neal Alger's acoustic guitar so much. There's not a lot of call for folk music because most folk singers write their own songs.

Also, I've been told that I do not have a strong voice. One comment said that a strong voice can make a song work that doesn't have the best lyrics, but the reverse is also true: a weak voice can sink even a great song. Thanks a lot. But one thing to keep in mind is that the songs these reviewers were listening to were recorded a few years ago. I hope the singing on the songs I've recorded in the past month are better. I hope.

I know it's important not to get discouraged, especially since I'm at the very beginning of this process. In July, I paid $300 for a one-year membership, so I'd better use every day of it! I have to give myself a chance. I guess we'll see.

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