Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Job Search

So I've been applying and applying for administrative support jobs and I'm getting very little feedback. What do you think of this explanation that I got from a friend of mine:

A man who hired and fired people at Illinois Masonic (a hospital) for over 30 years says most employers don't hire between Halloween and New Years. He says that most quality people aren't looking during that time. His feeling is that because the holidays are so busy, people generally stick with their jobs through November/December and only desperate people are looking for work then. He feels that after January, a lot of people decide to turn over a new leaf and the pool of quality workers opens
wide up. There are companies who hire during that time, but they often look to hire within, but are required by law to advertise outside the company.

This explanation is so discouraging to me. Am I making myself look like a big loser just by sending resumes to all these places? Should I stop the job hunt until January? Can it be true that employers avoid any applicant who's looking for work during the holidays?

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