Saturday, December 29, 2007

..and back to the job search

All right you HR people who have been out of the office in December: it's time to pick up that pile of resumes (or rather, open those computer files of resumes that have been emailed to you) and see mine. And contact me.

Staring into the abyss of no job at all in January has sobered me up about leaving the restaurant before I even have a solid temporary job to report to. So I'm going to go to an even more reduced weekend schedule in January, while I keep my weekdays free for office work. I just couldn't bear the prospect of not knowing when I'd ever be making a deposit to my bank account again. It was just too bleak.

But as soon as I either 1) land a permanent job, or 2) secure a long-term, temporary assignment, I'm outta there. As long as it happens before the Chinese New Year, I'm good. Working Chinese New Year in a Chinese restaurant is just too crazy hectic for me.

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