Saturday, December 08, 2007


I'm so excited: my Christmas shopping is all done. I ordered some great things from Sharper Image for my boyfriend. I've been looking forward to giving them to him because they're things he wouldn't think of himself, but he totally needs them.

When we order things that are shipped UPS, we usually have them shipped to Bob at his work because it's so hard to be home when UPS comes by. I regularly tell Bob I have some packages coming to him, but he should just bring them home for me to open. Bob's not a curious person, so this works pretty well. Someone at work receives the boxes, then he gets them and just brings them to me.

On Thursday I checked the shipments online and noticed that two of them had already arrived, a week earlier. That was strange. They don't usually let boxes sit around without notifying the recipient. I asked Bob to check for them.

When Bob asked about the boxes, it turned out they had arrived, but no one had told him. Worse, the person who received the boxes had opened them, so Bob was handed the unwrapped presents. My surprises were ruined!

Now what do I do? I don't want to give him gifts he's already seen, especially when they got handed to him in such an unceremonious way. I can't believe someone opened boxes addressed to someone else and then didn't even inform the person the items were there. I'm so disappointed.

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