Monday, December 03, 2007

December, finally!

Last spring I had more than one dream that I was strolling down a street adorned with Christmas decorations, feeling so happy that my favorite time of year was here. But each time I would wake up to the disappointment of March or April or June. Maybe other grownups are thinking, "How can it be December already?" but I'm so happy that my long wait is over. It's December, FINALLY!

Thanks to everyone who has been encouraging me in my job search. Apparently it is impossible to be taken seriously as a job candidate during the holidays, plus companies are too busy to respond to applicants and set up interviews. So I'm sort of half-hunting at this point.

I'm shifting my focus from "gotta-find-a-new-job, gotta-find-a-new-job" to enjoying my favorite season of the year, and appreciating my final weeks at my current restaurant job because these ARE my final weeks there. There's no way in hell I'm working another Chinese New Year at a Chinese restaurant.

I'm going to accept that I'm not going to find a new job now and I won't be starting at a new position on January 7th (which I was imagining because in 2001 I DID start a new position on January 8th, so there!). Instead, I will relax and focus on all the great things December brings because come January all the twinkling lights and frosted cookies will be gone and that's when I'll resume my job hunt in FULL FORCE.

So Merry Christmas and may my New Year dreams come true.

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