Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Repeal the 21st Amendment!

Hey, everybody, I just found out that today, December 5th is the anniversary of the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution, repealing the Eighteenth Amendment, which prohibited the sale and transportation of intoxicating liquors. Today is the anniversary of the end of Prohibition.

But since I don't drink, I can't celebrate this in the obvious way. In fact, I hate the taste of alcohol and have given up trying to like it. In fact, working in the restaurant industry has schooled me in just how idiotic people become when they drink, plus I regularly hear more about the harmful effects of alcohol, especially on women (the U.S. Department of Health recommends that women drink only one drink a day or LESS, in order to avoid health problems).

As I see it, alcohol is just bad: it tastes bad, it's bad for you and it too often contributes to people behaving badly. Why did the U.S. government ever repeal Prohibition? Bring Prohibition back! Ban all alcohol!

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