Monday, January 14, 2008

still dead in the water

I live on the border of Chicago and Evanston, the suburb to the north. I want to start working on the northside of Chicago or Evanston since the commute downtown takes at least an hour and public transportation is unreliable these days. I'd like to ease back into office work by temping. In November I managed to sign up with two staffing agencies before I gave up because everyone said it's pointless to job hunt during the holidays. How I wish I'd kept going, if only so that I could have noticed my missing social security card then.

Those two agencies are now my only hope of temporary work since it will be two weeks before the replacement card is here. I've been in contact with these two agencies since I signed on with them, but last week one of them didn't respond to my email. Today I called and found out that my staffing consultant has left the agency. I spoke with another consultant who indicated that my chances of finding work through them are quite low since they mainly work with downtown businesses. Discouragement on top of discouragement.

The other temp agency I am signed up with is in Evanston and getting work through them would ideal, but they've had no jobs for me so far. And that's it. I'm dead in the water without that social security card. I spoke to another Evanston temp agency on Friday who said they can't even interview me without a social security card. Today I called them just to let them know I'll set up another appointment as soon as I have that card.

As soon as I have that card. Which I should never have lost in the first place. Now what do I do? I can't rescind my two-week notice at the restaurant because my right foot is having problems again and I've got to stop with the 8-hour shifts. For health reasons, waitressing is no longer an option for me. It's also hard to go back on giving two-weeks' notice. Employers don't like to "take back" employees who have already quit.

Thanks to everyone who's been commenting lately. It helps to know I have a panel of people with advice and encouragement.

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