Wednesday, February 06, 2008

post-Super Tuesday

Today I feel down and discouraged about my continuing lack of employment, plus I feel physically wrung out after spending six and a half hours outside in the cold yesterday just to earn $40. I'm aware that everyone in my family voted for Clinton, making me feel like some kind of traitor, plus I'm receiving more information that casts doubt on Obama's viability. I feel doubt about my ability to make decisions, any kind of decision. It's all gray outside and I just want cake.'s some input on Obama's background that speaks to Obesio's comments about the "narrative" that Obama's "handlers have been pushing." "Carefully Crafting the Obama Brand" came out in the Chicago Tribune last summer. Who knows? But I guess I still say that -- given the current presidential choices -- if Barack Obama is just some slick packaging and an ability to get where he wants to go, is that so bad as long as I want to go there, too?

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