Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Day

I just came from the blog of Obesio the Loser (who is ending his blog, but I hope will not be deleting his blog) and there are so many comments about retiring bloggers that I thought I'd better post so it doesn't look like I'm stopping, too.  By the way, "Obesio the Loser" is my favorite online nom de plume.  No, it's my favorite all-time nom de plume, and I have two degrees in English literature, so that's quite a statement.

My computer is working again, after its tumble off the kitchen counter.  This past week I was busy with an actual three-day temporary office job -- my first all year -- and a couple of interviews, also my first all year.  I also participated in a focus group that paid me $125 for two hours of my time and my television viewing habits.  Oh, I was raking in the cash.  Too bad it was totally surpassed by $400 worth of computer repairs.

On to the subject of this post.  My fiance took me out to a romantic dinner on Thursday night and I wondered, "Will he stop doing these things when we're married?  How long will we be married when the romance stops?"  Dinner was great, but he also handed me a Godiva chocolates gift bag.  It contained a box of my favorite chocolates:  a dark assortment.  It also contained a box of my other favorite: a white chocolate assortment!  Why is he so good?  Will this stop after we're married?

As we ate, he asked, "Do you want me to give you your Valentine's gift here or at home?"

I said, "You gave me my Valentine's gift.  It was the chocolate."

He said, "No, that wasn't it."

He handed me a little box which contained small gold hoop earrings, rimmed with small diamonds.

Why is he so good?  I've already agreed to marry him.  How can he be so good? Surely this behavior will stop soon after we're married.

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