Saturday, April 05, 2008

Okay, hospitality it is.

Now that I'm past the initial flush of wifehood (wifedom? wifitude?), I'm turning my attention back to my job situation. For five weeks now I've been working at a temporary job, cleaning up the frequent diner membership database at a restaurant company. Yes, I was trying to move from the restaurant industry into publishing or any position that would use my writing skills, but so far it hasn't happened. I'm still ensconced in hospitality.

Not that I've give up (yet). I've been in contact with the communications group that still might use me as a contracted proofreader. They just haven't had work for me. And I've continued an unenthusiastic job search, but it's hard when an enthusiastic job search yielded nothing. Why waste time on a failing job search in an increasingly suckifying economy? I know people have successfully found new jobs in the past few months, but I'm not one of them. I'm discouraged.

Today I'm figuring that if I'm going to stay in the restaurant industry, I might as well find the best job possible there. With this goal in mind, I'm submitting my resume to the company I just came from. It's startling to find myself re-applying to the corporation I waited tables for, but they're a good company with plenty of desk jobs for which I might qualify. I like their corporate culture. I like rules and procedures. I also know how good the management, benefits and working conditions are.

As I've worked this temporary job for the past five weeks, I've also realized that I have some expertise in the restaurant industry. It's a good thing for the people pushing papers around a desk to know what the staff on the front lines are going through. I have valuable experience for this work. I've also really liked the people I've worked with in this field. It's a fun environment. (Heck, I married one of them.)

If I'd realized how hard it would be to change industries at this time, maybe I never would have left my previous employer. I could have seamlessly shifted from waitress to administrative worker with no break in income, health insurance, etc. How I wish I'd known.

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