Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tough times

I guess it's just really tough times for people right now because the morning of March 25th we sent out 75 mailed announcements to let friends and family know that we just got married and we've heard from a surprisingly low number of people. We did get a couple of gifts and a few emails and phone calls and I was delighted to receive them. But I expected a few more responses from 75 friends and family members.

I know we did this very non-traditionally and it might be the height of tackiness to include online registry information when we didn't even have a proper wedding at which we fed our guests. But I really just hoped our announcement would feel like good news to people and they might send an email or a card. Maybe I didn't do things right or maybe getting married just isn't that big a deal to people when you're doing it so late in life. I don't know. I'm chalking it up to the crappy economy.

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