Saturday, May 24, 2008

Little things make me happy (also big things)

My friend Donna was one of the many people to whom Bob and I sent a marriage announcement in March. She recently moved and it took a very long time for her to get it. But when she did, she dashed off this email message:

Guess what else I finally got? Your wedding announcement! It was very clever, and it is now posted on our refrigerator.

That meant a lot to me and was all I was really looking for. Thank, you, Donna!

It's not about wedding gifts, it's about knowing that people are happy that this spinster and this bachelor finally got hitched. It was big news to us and I was really hoping to get more of an email (or any) response from the people who got a mailed announcement.

To be fair, I've realized that most people have the best of intentions, but let their busy lives determine their priorities. Many probably thought a marriage announcement deserved more than an email, so they were waiting until they got a real card or whatever, but then their lives took over and that card has yet to happen. We also did this very unconventionally and maybe it's hard to figure how to handle an elopement. End result: I heard nothing from most people and felt hurt that they didn't care.

Am I full of it? Do most people take that you-have-a-year stuff seriously and I should be more patient? Please let me know and I'll suck it up and stop whining about this. At any rate, this should be my last post on this particular topic.

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