Thursday, June 05, 2008

Married and Lonely

Getting married two months ago was great, but I've noticed that this winter and spring it has been very hard to get my friends to spend time with me. I understand that they are busy. Everyone's busy. And many of them have boyfriends or husbands or even children. But I still remember that for the past several years it's been pretty easy to throw open the front door and get people to come on over to my place for dinner or get a bunch of people to meet at a restaurant for a couple of hours.

What's going on? Why does it feel like no one will come out and play with me? I've invited and I've invited, several times over the past five months, but I've received mostly responses saying they can't make it this time, maybe next time. This has happened with very good friends, but also with new friends that I haven't even spent time with yet, so it can't just be that I'm so unpleasant to be with!

I'm newly married and I'm lonely. I need more people in my life than just my husband, as wonderful as he is. I've discussed this with him and he supports me trying out some new activities so I can get more contact with others. I'm lucky that he doesn't take personally my need for others. He doesn't have the same friendship needs.

I'm married and lonely. What happened to all my friends? I have carefully made sure to stay in contact and not start ignoring them just because I'm married, but what's going on on their end?

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