Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

I think it's very creepy that the Gulf Coast is getting ready for another big hurricane, just as it was three years ago. Actually, I hope it's not preparing in the same way as three years ago and I have faith that it's not. Is anyone else with me on this or am I being unrealistically hopeful that the Bush administration can learn from its mistakes? Maybe? No?

I remember that after the U.S. government let its people starve and drown in New Orleans in 2005, this country receive offers of aid relief from the rest of the world. This is from one of my blog posts of September 2005:

So the following countries have offered relief aid for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina: Canada, France, Germany, England, Australia, the usual U.S. supporters. Austria, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Greece have sent offers, too. But did you know that the great big rich United States is receiving offers of assistance from Mexico, Israel, Hungary, China, South Korea, Colombia and Venezuela? Now it's getting embarassing. Honduras, Colombia and Jamaica have also offered to send relief aid to help OUR U.S. citizens. We've even received pledges of relief funds from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka. And the Dominican Republic. And El Salvador.

I'm imagining Switzerland turning to the Netherlands and saying, "Hey, over in America thousands are suffering from having no drinking water. We'd better do something!" I'm imagining El Salvador turning to Honduras and saying, "Can you believe it's been four days since the hurricane passed and those people still have no food? We'd better get busy. I've got five dollars in my pocket, how much do you have?"

Jesus Christ on a stick...

It won't be that way again. It can't be.

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