Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Real Honeymoon

This weekend, Bob and I celebrate our recent marriage with some friends downtown (dinner, toasting, CAKE, etc.) and then leave for a weeklong honeymoon. The real honeymoon. Finally. I doubt I'll blog again until, well, probably October.

But I feel very distracted by the election. I really wish I had planned this better. When I picked these dates and imagined the whole thing, I forgot it was an election year. I hate tying up TWO SATURDAYS when I could be down in Iowa canvassing for Obama. I'm toasting my new husband and running off for a vacation when I could be making phone calls and registering voters.

Obviously, I'm not canceling the party or the honeymoon so I can help Barack Obama get elected, especially since he doesn't seem to need that much help AT THE MOMENT. And chances are that by the time I get back, the campaign will have changed again so that Obama volunteers are more needed then than now. And although it's not strictly true that "you only get married once," I shouldn't shortchange the experience.

Still, I screwed up. I should have gotten this honeymoon thing over with before now or waited until November!

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