Thursday, October 02, 2008

Honeymoon in Oregon

Oregon is turning out to be the perfect place for us. I love mountains covered with pine trees and redwoods, Bob loves ocean and we can see both from the same vantage point, all up and down the coast. We're staying at the Overleaf Lodge in Yachats, Oregon which I chose (with Bob's input). This place could not be any better located (on the beach), better run (the place is beautiful and beautifully run) and our room is a full suite with a whirlpool bath for $250 a night (off-season)! I chose it based on the recommendation of a Oregon travel website and I totally got lucky. So there's my recommendation for the year (actually I think it's my first blog recommendation ever): if you're heading for the coast of Oregon and you want an absolutely gorgeous room in a totally cool hotel (artistic wood-carved decor, eco-friendly everything, homemade pastries for breakfast), stay at the Overleaf Lodge. It even has its own spa where we have made massage appointments.

We're in the middle of small towns and miles of amazing coastline. It's the perfect vacation for Bob because we just got him a new digital Nikon camera (I guess this is the product-placement post) and there's plenty to take pictures of here. I love that we're far from noisy urban areas and it's the off-season. I'm sure this area was teeming with tourists just weeks ago because it's amazing, but for us it's nice and quiet. Bob and I are not inclined towards sunny places and warm climates. When we take a vacation, we like to go north, I guess because Chicago just isn't chilly enough for us.

Yesterday we visited the Yaquina Head and Yaquina Bay lighthouses and, even better, the Heceta Head lighthouse. There's a great climb up to this last one, through redwoods and ferns, with glimpses of the rolling Pacific Ocean along the way, until the trees break and it's all sun and sky. I knew Oregon was beautiful, but it's really relentlessly incredible.

Lighthouses are some of Bob's favorite things. I like that he's a photographer because taking pictures bores me, but he's documenting everything. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to upload anything through Blogger this morning, so maybe that will have to wait til I'm back in Chicago.

Oregon, man. Oregon.

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