Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Winter!!

December is my favorite month of all. I love Christmas, but also winter is my favorite season and this is the very start of it. We have months of cold and snow and ice ahead of us! I'll state again that I was born and raised in California, but once I experienced my first true winter when I was 22, I knew I'd never be back. I went to gradual school in Ithaca, NY and that's where I found that I don't want to live without snow in winter and humidity in summer. My next move was to Chicago.

For those who hate winter, consider this:

1. Winter slows everything down. You just can't move as fast through slush and wet, whether on foot or driving, so you have take your time.

2. Winter dampens sound. With a layer of snow on the ground footsteps are quieter, and cars, trucks, shopping carts, strollers, all those things don't make as much noise.

3. Winter makes people go inside. You don't get us much congregating on corners and people just standing in front of your building, talking and talking into the night. Because it's just too cold to be out for long, public outdoor space is emptier and more peaceful.

4. Winter seals in the noise. People close their windows and there isn't as much music blaring out of them. Their parties don't happen on the back deck or front porch where everyone can hear. They happen inside where the noise is more contained.

5. Winter wraps everything up. We pile on more clothing, making facial features and body shapes harder to distinguish. This can be a safer way to go for a woman walking alone in the city.

6. It's easier to sleep. Hot summer nights are the hardest to fall asleep during. Winter is colder and darker which is more conducive for a good night's sleep. I have sleeping problems so this is important to me.

7. It's the perfect excuse to do indoor stuff like reading, watching tv, going online, working out at the gym, going shopping. I'm not suggesting that we don't do these things the rest of the year, but in winter we can feel a little less guilt about it. None of that, "It's a beautiful day! How pathetic that I'm organizing files instead of going on a picnic."

So cheer up, all you summer-lovers. Look at all the colors the sky goes when it's completely overcast. Have you ever really looked? It's beautiful. Take your time, surrender to the slower pace, sleep in. It's especially important to enjoy winter in Chicago because we won't be feeling consistent temperatures above 60 degrees (F) until June.

I love it. And Merry Christmas!


Mick said...

As I read this and look out my window I can see my garden covered in snow and just thought I could add one.

8. The Grass, hedges and trees stop growing so I don't have to cut them back every other week.

Saying that I'm no fan of extreme temperatures (Hot or Cold), Spring and Autumn are best.

Regina said...

Good point, Mick. Thanks!

Rudy Giuliani said...

I agree with your points on the benefits of winter although I love the summer too. I can't imagine living somewhere without four seasons. I've considered moving to California but know I'd miss the change of seasons an awful lot. Anyway, have a Merry Christmas! And make a Christmas cake if you haven't already.

Regina said...

I might buy an igloo cake I saw at Bennison's. It's so cute! I wish I were having a Christmas Eve party I could take it to.

Miss Rachel said...

I like winter too, maybe not as much as you, but I don't see what's so bad about it. Bundle up and deal, people. And I LOVE snow.

Merry Christmas to you too!