Friday, July 30, 2010

The Bob Update

Bob's in-patient rehab center, Glenview Terrace, is nice: far fewer interruptions, no construction going on, fewer loud announcements by speaker and Bob's on the first floor so he can walk outside more easily. Everyone there is much older than Bob and I think I'm the youngest spouse. I've seen some younger people, including a child, but I think they're all extended family of the patients.

Bob checked in at 2:00p and got there in time for the ice cream run. He enjoyed two scoops of chocolate chip ice cream (he had mine) at about 3:30 p. We napped and dozed until just before dinner time (which is 5:00p), when Bob got a roommate. His name is Jerry and he looks like he's in his 80's. He had just had a hip replacement, too, but he stayed seated in his wheelchair until he moved to his bed. I didn't see him walk, even with a walker.

Compared to Jerry and many residents, Bob is sprinting all over the place with his walker. We took several walks outside where Bob enjoyed a cigarette. Unfortunately, while there's a nice, big patio with umbrella tables and chairs and benches that look out over the pond and fountain, it's a non-smoking area. The patios where smoking is allowed have no place to sit.

Now, I'm just as anti-smoking as the next moralistic, judgmental American, but this seems downright unfair, considering that the recuperating smokers are just as in need of a place to sit as the recuperating non-smokers. There is a smoking room inside the building, which I imagine has chairs, but Bob likes going outside for some fresh air, albeit, air he's about to pollute with cigarette smoke.

Smoking is an addiction. Hiding the benches and chairs ain't going to make difference here, folks.

I asked Bob if he wanted me to pull a chair out, but he said no. I decided to back off the whole issue when Bob made clear that he likes standing up as a break from being seated in his bed. All right, maybe it's okay then.

I'm going back today with freshly baked brownies for the nurses (and Bob). I'm hoping Bob isn't in Glenview Terrace for too long because I'm ready for him to come home, where I can visit him by just looking across the room!

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