Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hospital recuperation

I arrived at 10:30am. Bob was dozing. A nurse came in and said, "Before you fall asleep, let me check your vitals." So he woke up for that, but he looked exhausted. He confirmed that he had had no sleep last night from the pain.

After that, I gave him a scalp massage and managed to get him doze off again. A knock on the door came five minutes later. Dr. Wolff, the internist, chirpily introduced himself to a very, very drowsy Bob. He stayed only long enough to ask a few questions and be annoying.

I lay down next to Bob and he dozed off again. After 20 minutes a VERY LOUD AND VERY LONG CODE BLUE ANNOUNCEMENT woke him up again. Then he gave up.

After lunch, at one o'clock he finally gave in to his sleep deprivation again. His eyes closed and his breathing grew heavy. Then the person came back to pick up the lunch tray, waking him up. He dozed off again for about three minutes, when the nurse anesthetist stopped by introduce herself and just ask how he's doing.

Christ on a stick! I didn't remember it being quite THIS impossible to get some sleep in a hospital. I am now sitting outside Bob's room to stop anyone from entering who isn't either scheduled, requested by Bob or responding to Bob's own Code Blue.

But it's now 1:40pm and the physical therapists are coming back at 2:00. Imagine me crying.

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