Saturday, July 10, 2010

I failed

It's the easiest way to not feel like a failure, but I failed anyway. I had an appointment to donate blood this morning, but I'm not going. I failed to drink water and hydrate.

As I posted last time, it's not easy for me to give blood. Maybe it's because I only weigh ten pounds above the minimum requirement for giving blood, which is 110 pounds, or maybe it's because my body is just weak and unstable. But if I haven't eaten well and pushed fluids for 24 hours before giving, donating blood is difficult for me.

I forgot to drink extra water yesterday, so I'm going to be a no-show today. I have failed.


Cat said...

Can you just reschedule for sometime next week and get yourself ready between now and then?

Regina said...

Yes, but that doesn't erase the failure.

TomL said...

It's called "Get back on the horse."

Nobody cares that you missed an appointment. It happens all the time. Somebody will care a whole lot when you save their life. Look forward to feeling good about that, instead of beating yourself up.

Regina said...

O Tom, come on. It's ME.

TomL said...

Okay, then, if you insist...

(clears throat) "HA-ha. Loser."

Feel better now?

I gave blood this morning, partly thanks to your reminder. Should I admit that I missed TWO consecutive opportunities to donate? (One missed appointment, one blood drive at work.) The main reason I manage to donate with any regularity is because they chase me down as soon as the recovery period expires (I'm B-negative, which is in short supply).

Mick said...

Didn't realise there was a minimum weight requirement for giving blood, not sure we have that rule but could be wrong.

The important thing is you are giving blood, doesn't matter you missed once, the fact you intend to do it matters most.

Failures are the ones that don't give it.