Saturday, July 24, 2010

My 44th Birthday

Today is my 44th birthday. We were going to have a party tonight (I love when my birthday falls on a Saturday!), but we made the difficult decision to cancel my 44th birthday party cookout because my husband is having hip replacement surgery on Monday. Oh, this summer has sucked. And it's not over!

On a positive note, since I remain on the candida diet (eating only produce, animal protein, legumes and nuts), here are some of my current favorite healthy foods:

olive oil
salt (don't say it)
freshly cracked black pepper
water with a little lemon juice
baby carrots with peanut butter
grilled onions

Fruits are off my favorites list. They now taste too sweet to me. I'm missing out on all the summer fruit this year, but I really don't mind.

Just trying to think of something positive to think about.


Rudy Giuliani said...

Happy Birthday! You MUST eat cake. It's a rule.

Regina said...

Rudy, I did have two pieces of birthday cake on Saturday and it just about killed me. It turns out that if I go four months without sugar and then I binge on it, my body really reacts poorly: fatigue, dehydration, extra bathroom trips. It left me with no energy! Ugh. It kind of cured my sugar cravings for a while. Yesterday I made choc. chip cookies for the nurses so they'll be extra good to Bob, and each time I wanted to eat one, I remembered how awful I had felt the day before (and didn't). I'm re-learning a my old, cemented relationship to sugar. We'll see how it goes.