Monday, August 02, 2010

Remarkable things

1. I have GREAT FRIENDS who have really come through for me this week. One friend is getting the equipment I blogged about last time and another brought Bob home today so I wouldn't have to take another day off work or try to drive him home in rush hour traffic. I am extremely grateful to both of them.

2. Maybe you don't have to see people all the time for them to still be your friends.

3. My husband is very strong to have gone through hip surgery with only a local anesthetic. He is very resilient to begin to recover so quickly. I didn't know he'd bounce back so fast. The surgeon predicted that Bob would spend at least a week in the in-patient rehab center, but he was only there four days.

4. He is very, very glad to be home and I'm glad to have him here.

5. I told Bob, "The next time one of us is in the hospital, it better be me." I want to lie around with nothing to do for eight weeks while he drives all over the county. I never even get sick.


7. Maybe being hit by a car would get me a nice long break...


Mick said...

Its good you've got Bob home, hospital can be very stressful for you visiting and not much fun for Bob in there.

Good friend are very valuable, sounds like yours proved themselves

Miss Rachel said...

It's great that your friends came through. Impressive that your husband is feeling better so soon; surgery is very disorienting.

Obesio said...

Just a quick note to say that I am happy that you are doing well and that Bob is recovering nicely.