Sunday, September 26, 2010


Here is how I have spent the past two weeks, since returning from two weeks in South America:

1. Rehydrating with water and fruit juice.

2. Feeling weak and wimpy after two weeks of not only skipping my gym workouts, but being in high altitude areas that required me to walk slowly and conserve my muscles because it was so hard to breathe.

3. Replacing the five pounds I lost by eating everything in sight: McDonald's food, cookies, donuts, chocolate candy, potato chips, sandwiches, cheese, cupcakes, Chinese food, pancakes. I even had one of my husband's colas, for chrissake.

4. Putting on another five pounds, just to punch out the dents, as Rosie O'Donnell would say.

5. Wondering what's going on since craving sweets is normal for me, but I haven't been a fast food eater or soda drinker since college.

6. Re-acquainting myself with free weights, yoga, pilates and the elliptical machine and gradually re-building my cardiovascular capacity and muscle strength.

7. Working through a lot of anger with an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. After releasing that anger, I was able to stop the junk food binge.

8. Eventually returning to my former habits of healthy breakfasts, hearty stews for lunch and vegetables and fruits all day long.

9. Feeling my arms and legs start to feel strong again.

10. Buying airline tickets for my next vacation which will be WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.


Anonymous said...

This is so *different* than my experience. I cry for weeks between visits to Central America and Mexico, and England. I YEARN for the pals I meet abroad. The conversation!! I feel more at home in a Latin American mountain hostel or an English garden, than in my own bed. When I start seeing American ads in the airport my tummy goes all yucka yucka. I love home, the States. I just adore being away more. In any case, I'm glad that you are HOME safe and sound.

Regina said...

Isis - Thanks for your well wishes. I'm safe, anyway. I never adored the United States before. Now I adore the United States.

Anonymous said...

Regina, I stopped by to say hello and I read that you [YOU!!!] left this country. You who never had a desire to travel have traveled! I must read prior posts to see how this happened.

Hope that you're well.


Regina said...

Christina, I can only tell you about That Trip personally. Email me at reginamrm at yahoo.

Anonymous said...

Just emailed you.