Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I love that ComEd (Chicago electric company) is using Halloween-themed ads like this one. We get plenty of Christmas-themed ads every year. It's about time Halloween got more exploitation. Yay, Halloween!


Mick said...

Far too early in my opinion, halloween is a one night only event.
Too close to bonfire night anyway, thats far more important, can eat toffee apples, jacket spuds out the fire, cinder toffee and parkin, can't wait till nov 5th.

Isis said...

I'm going to celebrate ALL the fall holidays: Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Day of the Dead! There is *no* more beautiful holiday than Dia de los Muertos.

Regina said...

Mick - in the U.S. Halloween gets bigger every year. When I was growing up, it was for kids and the stores just sold a bunch of candy and children's costumes. Now special Halloween stores that sell costumes for adults, too, pop up all over a MONTH before the day. I love it.
Isis - That sounds great. If I knew more about Dia de Los Muertos maybe I'd celebrate that one, too.