Thursday, November 18, 2010

On the fifth day of Thanksgiving...

I'm grateful for my new cell phone. This is why I have a new cell phone:

In 2006, my husband's company began paying for his cell phone. In 2008, they got him a BlackBerry. I was so envious, I insisted that we get me a BlackBerry, too. We could afford it, since we didn't have to pay for Bob's bill at all. I loved my BlackBerry.

Things being what they are, changes have been made and last week Bob's company stopped paying for his BlackBerry. Now that we have to squeeze the cost of two cell phones out of our budget, I've given up my BlackBerry so that Bob and I could get a new plan with two cell phones that do nothing but make calls.

It's not an easy adjustment, but I'm grateful that my new phone doesn't distract me from living my life. Now when I get to the el train station, instead of pulling out my smartphone like all the other "CrackBerry" heads, I pull out my Kindle and continue my current novel or I journal or I just relax. That's what I really want to be doing with my downtime.

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