Sunday, December 19, 2010


Since my last post I have managed to keep my weight constant, which I consider good enough. At least I won't reach January having put back on the weight managed to lose.

But I'm facing, once again, my lifelong problem that never goes away: I can limit myself to vegetables, fruit, lean protein and healthy oils all week long, but I'm still a sugar addict. The days I spend avoiding sugar, wheat, grains, dairy and processed foods are simply days I manage to keep the lid on the addiction. An alcoholic who stays sober never loses her desire to drink; she just controls it. That's me with sweets.

I've known for about fifteen years that I'm addicted to sugar and it's been much worse than it is now. At least I've reduced the frequency and size of my indulgences. Can I keep doing that, making each slip-up smaller and smaller until it's a liveable habit? I don't know. I doubt addiction works that way.


Sandii said...

addict is such a strong word??

Regina said...

Yes, but there are food addicts just as there are drug addicts.