Monday, January 24, 2011

Regina Rodriguez

Back when I decided to get serious about music, I hired someone to build a website that told people my music. I carefully wrote the copy and gave him the photographs and lyrics to publish. It was 2001 so I didn't really know what I was doing. As early websites often resembled flyers transmitted electronically, so was my website very text-heavy with little actual music. I think I just had some soundclips on there. And lots of the color pink.

It was, which was available and free when I first grabbed it. But I wasn't a consistent musician and I let the domain name lapse when I began to lose faith in my art. When I tried to get it back, someone was squatting on it and wanted hundreds of dollars for it.

Who would have expected the name Regina Rodriguez to be in demand?

I let it go and created another website using, but then in 2008 I gave up the whole music thing and let that go, too. Only my blog has stayed constant, perhaps indicating where my true interest was all along.

Just now I looked at what comes up when I google my spinster name "Regina Rodriguez." It turns out another Regina Rodriguez has managed to acquire my old domain name. Good for her. I haven't quite figured out the focus of her blog. The more recent posts aren't very text-heavy, but it's good to see that is active again. Anyway it's not my name anymore, so I wish her the best!

P.S. Today is my half-birthday. I am exactly 44 and a half years old today and I had an appointment to get bifocals.


Sandii said...

so strange to think of how long we've been on the internet. my husband talks of paying 7.50 per hour to surf the next in 95 i think it was... how far we've come!

Regina said...

Hello Regina,
I was excited to hear from you. I have visited your site more than a few times. The name and the website are in good hands. I haven't gotten to work on it or write as much as I have wanted, but I think I'll start today.

Congrats on the marriage and the new name!
Happy Birthday to you, hope it is another great one!
Thanks for the boast!

From one Regina to another.

Mick said...

Happy half birthday Reg.

ReginaRodriguez said...

That was boost and Happy half birthday! I would love to chat.


marcy said...

omg! that was so funny. hope everything went well with the bifocals.

happy half-birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Half Birthday. You are the real Regina Rodriguez. BTW, there are a bunch of Regina Rodriguez Martin's on Facebook... lisa xxoo

Regina said...

Sandi - yeah, I remember having a Compuserve email account. I could only check my email if I was physically AT HOME. Imagine...

Regina - Thanks. My half-birthday was good. I look forward to watching your blog.

Mick - thanks.

Marcy - The optometrist confirmed that I am ready for "multi-focals." That makes me sound like a fly. Now I just have to pick out frames. I'll to try to avoid looking like the 80's.

Lisa - is this my cousin Lisa? I didn't know there were many Regina Rodriguez Martins on Facebook. I'll have to check that out.