Sunday, February 27, 2011

When I clean the toilet

When I clean the toilet, I close my eyes. I go into a deep state of denial about what I'm doing and imagine that I'm scrubbing an already sparkling clean toilet. I work hard on every inch to guarantee that when I do open my eyes, all I'll see is a gleaming surface.

I make sure to scrub the underside of the bowl and the entire base, especially before parties. I always fear someone getting sick and kneeling before our toilet or worse, lying next to it, and seeing a dirty outside of the toilet. I can't allow that to happen.

Once I was crouched next to the bowl, working on the base, when I realized that in my effort and concentration, I had allowed the tip of my tongue to stick out of my mouth. It was inches from the surface of the bowl! I pulled it in.


Sandii said...

the base of a toilet is very neglected in most homes!!! i don't ever look - i do ours every week and 3 boys and one girl in our house, you can imagine it needs doing every week!

Regina said...

Is the base of the toilet neglected in most homes? I wonder how many people clean it when they do the rest of the bathroom.