Saturday, March 12, 2011

SSOW is better than FB

I have recently discovered the website Secret Society of Women. Of course, anyone can go on it and look around (for you boys who are reading) and I imagine there are men who register and pretend to be women just to get in on the conversations. But it really seems to be mostly women who want to pool information, get advice, celebrate good news, commiserate over regrets and mistakes, dish about pop culture or just see if anyone else feels the same way they do about things like family, jobs, food, marriage, etc.

It was started by Lisa Ling and someone else and I heard about it on NPR. It's much better than Facebook because on SSOW (do you love that acronym?) people rarely post about ridiculous things that just waste my time (being completely subjective here. Just my opinion!).

On SSOW there's always an interesting conversation going on with many threads in many categories. But it's not a chat room; it's just lots of postings. Just a few of the categories are aging, assault & abuse, fears & phobias, health, loneliness, parenting, resentment, sex, singlehood. There are many, many, so check it out and let me know what you think. But I'm really interested in women's opinions on this, not men's (go ahead, call me sexist).


Mick said...

I read the title of this post and thought you had spelt SNOW wrong, lol.
Don't think I'll bother pretending to be a woman but hope you ladies enjoy it.

ps: I don't like Facebook.

Sandii said...

i clicked the site, signed up, commented randomly and am hooked already. but gee there are some women out there who need help!!!

Sandii said...

btw Regina, 'just the two of us' is myself and hubby - our boys were away! x

Regina said...

Mick - good for you, not liking Facebook.
Sandii - I'm glad you like the website. Yes, some of the stories are sad and disturbing.