Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gina's Graduation Cake

Yesterday my friend Gina (the one who gave me the great advice on the wedding I'm going to) had a graduation party. Gina, congratulations on joining the ranks of the masters degree holders (ahem).

I enjoyed making her graduation cake. She likes different kinds of cake, so I made the bottom layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting and the top layer chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.

Please note: this cake was entirely store bought, with boxes of mix and tubs of ready-to-spread frosting. All I did was assemble it. I consider a cake truly homemade when I've made every part of it from baking chocolate, sticks of butter, cups of sugar, etc. This was more of a pre-fab cake.

I have some cake decorating bags with different tips. My cake decorating technique is to write the message and then if I still have frosting in the bag, I change the tip and start making blobs. I don't do flowers, so I just call them blobs. I like to think that the homemade quality of the decorating makes up for the pre-fab ingredients.

But it was a big hit and the guests did an excellent job of almost finishing it by the time I left the party (great party, too). I brought the top right corner home for my husband who polished it off when he got home from work last night around midnight.

I love baking and used to do it all the time before wheat became hard for me to digest. Such is my middle age. Once I made the connection between wheat and pain, I got rid of all my baking ingredients and now I only buy enough ingredients for a specific project. And I only make those items when I'll be leaving the house with them immediately and delivering them to someone else.

Gina, enjoy your new mastery of the world.


Sandii said...


Rudy Giuliani said...

Nice! Can I buy a cake from you? I want a pineapple cake, if only because I don't know how to make one.

Regina said...

Dear Rudy Giuliani,

I'm sorry, but when it comes to cakes, I only make frosted layer cakes with one exception: my Aunt Lucy's Apple Walnut Cake which I sometimes make during the Christian holidays. I don't know how to make pineapple cake.

BTW: I've told you that you are welcome to come to one of my parties which I often bake for. Just say the word and you're on the guest list, although my next party won't be for a couple of months (my birthday in July!)

If we met, you would be the second person who comments on my blog who I've seen in person. Mick is the other one. If you're a nice person, then I'll have a 100% track record of only meeting nice people through my blog. I would find that reassuring and it would improve my view of the world.

Rudy Giuliani said...

I'd be happy to reassure your view of the world since, yes, I believe I'm a nice person. And I'd be ecstatic to eat some cake although I'm not sure crashing one of your parties works best. Your guests might say, "hey, who's the tall, blonde guy eating all the cake?!?" or something like that. Apple Walnut cake sounds very good, I must admit. I may be enticed to go out of my way for a homemade cake.

stevenjared0853 said...

Congratulations on your friends Graduation dear. Such days are really special but they turn out to be even more special when one have loving people like you in his/her life. Anyway, that Graduation Cake is looking super delicious and well decorated, I will also make similar one for my sister’s party at venue NYC.